Building a sustainable future for our children
The 8th FIS Benefit Gala aims to raise funds to support sustainability projects across our four campuses:

- Installing solar panels allowing the feed-in-tariff model to support FIS green projects

- Improving current gardening projects for our Primary students

- Providing our Secondary students with a science and technology workspace especially dedicated to sustainability
FIS is a community-conscious school that actively promotes sustainable development
Our commitment is visible through the employment of a staff member entirely dedicated to sustainability questions, a numerous and active Green Committee, as well as through various changes made to our facilities and the numerous initiatives and activities aimed at our students and community.
Raising our students' awareness on environmental issues
FIS incorporates many initiatives on various environmental themes into its annual timetable. Our yearly agenda involves many teacher-led activities aimed at raising the importance of environmental awareness among FIS students.
These activities include: green camps, beach cleaning, collaboration with environmental NGOs, participation in the annual Greenpower race to raise funds for sustainable development projects in Hong Kong, "Ocean 3C" Symposium, collaboratively with 4 other schools (local and international), focused on the ocean protection.
The school is also a pioneer in teaching sustainable development and has gradually introduced environmental concepts into the curriculum by providing diverse activities allowing students to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world:
- workshops to encourage students to sort their food waste
- elective class “Ecology & Territories” (54 hours/year) added in Seconde (Year 11)
- introduction to gardening for our Primary students and creation of a Gardening club at Blue Pool Road
- talks given by specialists in their fields
The Green Committee
Numerous parents volunteers are active members of the Green Committee.

The Green Committee's mission is to support sustainable development projects at FIS following a 3-year roadmap that focuses on 3 themes:
-  Plastic & Ocean,
-  Gardening, Food & Well-being,
-  Saving Resources
Sustainable development current main projects consist of running a vast canteen food waste audit, implementing gardening activities, reducing the single-use plastic within the school and raising awareness
FIS is partnering with sustainability experts
NGOs :
Vcycle, Sous Les Déchets La Plage, Mayaa HK, Living Oceans Education, Plastic Free Seas, Water for Free, MilMill, EcoDrive, Ocean 3C,  A Plastic Ocean, Tara Foundation, The Nature Conservancy WWF HK, Oceans Asia
Designing Hong Kong:
MakerBay, Bling Bling Ocean, Green Power, T-Park (Veolia)
City University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Government Bodies:
Environmental Protection Department, Environmental Campaign Committee
Primary / Secondary Schools in HK:
Lingnan University Alumni Association (HK) Primary School, Po Leung Kok Law's Foundation College, Island School
Eco-business / Services:
Slowood, Magic Season Organics, Meo Air Analytics
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